Open Call:

Better Century Press is seeking to collect stories related to the world of growing, dispensing, and/or consuming legal cannabis and cannabis products.

What we want: stories that engage themes of hybridity, transformation, interconnection, community, and/or body, mind, and spirit.

Rather than blindly praising the plant or its effects, we would rather stories that interrogate, celebrate, prick, or reveal the complexity of society’s current relationship to the plant — the creative and the destructive, the positive and the negative.

Stories that stretch limited thinking or demolish old thinking. Stories of patients healed, fortunes won or lost, encounters with law enforcement or other government agencies. We want stories that unmask and celebrate the human beings working within “the industry” in all of their messy, sticky glory.

Cannabis must somehow prominently feature in your work.

Bonus points if you are currently employed in the industry yourself or are closely connected to it and can write from your own experience.

Women, LGBTIQ+ folk, and POC are highly encouraged to submit.

Pseudonyms acceptable if selected for publication, but you must submit work under your real name, thank you.

Previously unpublished material only please.  Final book will be printed under another imprint.

Compensation: copies and royalties based on pages represented, paid as a shared percentage of net sales receipts.

What we don’t want: Stories about that one time you and your friends got high and thought you were hilarious. Pure essay and opinion pieces. Journalism.

Deadline: June 30th, 2017

Format Guidelines:

12pt. font,  single or double spaced.

Prose fiction, non-fiction, satire and humor, speculative, historical, or romantic fiction, etc., or some new form you’ve just invented — 25 pages or less.

Poetry — 3 pages or less.

Dramatic Writing (yes, seriously!) — 10 pages or less.

File requirements: .pdf only please!