Step One

We’ve got ourselves a website!  A domain that legitimizes our enterprise.  Some photos thrown up and words too!  The first content of an idea born into action.  By “we” here, I mean me and the host of other people in the future, both good friends and friends unmet, who will play some fantastic role in the growth and well-being of this project.

And what is this project, exactly?   An entity?  A business.  An experiment.  An adventure in publishing.  Do I have a plan?  Yes, but due to the nature of our lives unfolding in this political sphere and the demands of self-preservation in a corporate and profit-driven age, i.e. rent and groceries, I am necessarily keeping it nimble, adaptable.  I may even scrap the whole endeavor.  By “I,” I mean the person currently carrying the tenuous mantles of “publisher,” “founder and business owner,” and quite possibly, “fool.”

I have also decided to do my best to keep a record of both progress and missteps in this project in the form of this blog.  Problems that arise in the doing will be laid bare.  Conflicts of interest.  Clashes of values.  By being vulnerable and honest here, working to explain my decisions, I hope to give the world a view into how one person attempts to practice compassionate business.  Community-minded business. I want to show our future authors more than just a hip, functional face disconnected from their goals or out solely for a profit.  I want the future readers of our books to feel like their purchases contribute to their own well-being and the interconnected well-being of the planet.  I want to partner with other organizations to address problems at the local level and build alliances that strengthen us all.  Please see the About page for the latest version of the mission statement.  “We” reserve the right to revise it at any time.

I realize I am also in the business of spreading information and perspectives people crave knowing.  But I can’t effectively, meaning, in a way that supports the project and the livelihoods it will generate, get physical books and/or content to enough people these days without making use of the internet, the channels of which feeling increasingly locked down by the major players in publishing.  If I don’t engage, no one will know Better Century Press ever existed, and I’ll go back to waiting tables.  But if I do engage, my life and well-being risk getting chewed up and swallowed by it.  A big part of the plan thus becomes getting over my neo-Luddite leanings, educating myself in the ways and means of the digital sphere, and diving deep.  And so here I am, taking a long breath of faith and wearing holes in the seat of my swimsuit.

Step two is to write: thank you for reading!  Stay tuned for submission guidelines and more threadbare revelation!

— The Publisher

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